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Insane multitasking. Rendering clips while on the drive from Vegas home. DONT WORRY! I set them all while at the gas station before getting on the road. It’s just sitting doing it’s own thing now. Best road dawg, making me money while I drive 4hrs lol

Loser at

So, this guy who calls himself “Mas Ter” starts emailing me in regards to how much he looooooovvvveeesss me and worships my #clips4sale store and how he wants to “put hard kisses all over your eyes and face” (eww, wtf?! Are you going to try to eat my face afterwards, too??) for WEEKS. Then, when it comes time to stop being a time wasting broke loser and actually pay for something if he was going to keep nagging me with all these weird, gross, feeble fantasies about shoving his face in my ass, this dumbass starts telling me “I don’t give money to men, you’re not Eve.”

Ummmmmmm… Loser say WHAT? Lmfao you have GOT to be kidding me! And then, when I tell him he’s the one who contacted ME on MY email direct from MY clips4sale store, he then starts sayin that it must be my boyfriend or husband that is talking to him and he won’t give any money. LMMFAO seeing as he is deployed on a Navy ship with the Marine Corps in the middle of nowhere with no internet access most the time, much less the amount of internet access he’s have to have to hack into and control my emails, THAT would be a bit tough for this to be him.

So, in special dedication to all the broke losers out there, don’t waste my time, I WILL lay your pathetic shit bare all over the internet, just because I can :) You have a good day there now, and for forget to clean up your mess when you’re done yanking it to my clips!

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